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My first day at Kamalabari day care centre

Onderstaand stukje is geschreven door een nieuwe leerkracht in Kamalabari, Nepal. We hebben dit niet vertaald naar het Nederlands, om zo dicht mogelijk bij haar eigen verhaal te blijven. Na de zomervakantie begon zij op 24 april in Kamalabari, de eerste dag van het nieuwe schooljaar.

I went at Kamalabari daycare centre on 24 April 2012, which was the first day of this educational year. From the beginning of the day, I was filled with the various thoughts and curiosities like how I should deal with the new children and what it will feel like to be with the new children. When I reached the day care, some of the children had already arrived with their parents and guardians. We were greeted by those small and new children.  My colleague, Miss Ranjita Thapa Magar and I together organized a small introduction session among the children, guardians, and staffs of the day care because it was the very first day for them.

With the small and new children of this year, we exchanged our experiences to make the environment informal. Maybe because of the first day meeting to each others, the children were looking curious and also looking a bit shy with us.  We first took the children in the playing room which removed their shyness created due to the new environment and new day. Children played with the educational materials related with the subjects like mathematics, science, social and linguistics in the room. Children were looking delightful and happy to play with those creative playing things.

At one o’clock, the children were called for the lunch and they were instructed to wash their hands before having food. Our cook didi, Ms. Bhagabati Shrestha prepared lunch and distributed to the children. Children washed their hands before having the lunch and they sat in a mattress waiting for the food. Cook didi distributed all food one by one to all the children. The children were very happy while having the lunch in the group. After the lunch, we gave tooth brushes and children brushed their teeth with fluoride toothpaste. Then, children took a short sleep in the hall.  After that we taught them to sing a song and we also sang together with the children, and that was the last activity of the day care.  The guardians arrived at day care to take their children, so the children were handed to their guardians and we all set out for the home.

Phul Maya Gidel

Teacher, Kamalabari day care



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