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Waar Ontwikkeling Werkt (Where Opportunities Work) is a foundation that supports projects that offer chances for development to children worldwide.

The six of us at Where Opportunities Work have all had the opportunities to follow our dreams, educate ourselves to a degree we have chosen for and maximize the possibilities our environment has offered us. We have realized more and more that, unfortunately, such opportunities are in fact a luxury, as they are not available to everyone. This is the case not only in developing countries, but also in developed countries, worldwide. We want to change this, particularly for children and young adults under the age of 30. After all, chances for development should be available to everyone, everywhere.

Where Opportunities Work is based on three pillars:

1. Local

Wherever we are. It is more useful to buy our supplies at the local market instead of a Dutch company making money from sending supplies. By having local agreements, we hope to contribute to improving and sustaining local small businesses.

2. Knowledge enrichment

Development is more than just education for our children. Social skills and hygiene play an important role in our projects. Furthermore, we enhance the local employees in our projects with trainings and schooling.

3. Ownership

We want to offer more chances. This means offering opportunities that are still available when our organization is not physically around anymore. We, therefore, work together with locals and local projects as much as possible, so they are not fully dependent on our foundation. We will support a project as long as they need, until it can sustain itself.

Projects we support:

Kamalabari – Nepal

A few hours walking up in the mountains of the province of Dading, you will find a small village, where we support the project Kamalabari. Kamalabari is a childcare center for young kids who are about to go to elementary school. As there are very little to no facilities in this small town and most people are illiterate, this project tries to give back to community by educating its children. The childcare focusses on stimulating cognitive development of the children, by organizing educational games and sport activities. Furthermore the childcare provides daily meals and a doctor keeps track of the children’s health and growth.

The childcare makes the (often illiterate) parents realize the importance of sending their children to school, in order for them to have better chances in the future.

Hand in Hand – Ghana

If you are born with physical or mental disability in Ghana, you have little to no chances in life.  Seen as the devil, these kids are left to a future with no development whatsoever. The project Hand in Hand tries to change this by running an orphanage & daycare center where these kids learn new skills and give them new goals in life. One of the things they learn is to make jewelry from recycled glass and other materials. We buy this handmade jewelry and sell it in the Netherlands. The money we make is directly reinvested in the project by buying new jewelry. Furthermore, we invest in the center itself, when for example construction work needs to happen.


For questions or comments, please feel free to send us an email:  info@waarontwikkelingwerkt.nl


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